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Ever wanted to be part of something so much bigger than yourself? Are you a movement joiner or a movement maker? It really doesn't matter – it takes both to change the world. This movement is one of conversations, one of ideas, one of breaking molds. This movement takes centuries-old truths and converts them into ideas that have dancing feet and clapping hands. This movement MOVES things. It starts with you.


a2o merges the innovative power of marketing, new media and dynamic verbal message – all resulting in the spark of spiritual conversations. Through communication of the ancient truths of Christ, a2o ratifies the rediscovery of the gospel and a church concept that is no longer contained within four walls.

“ You can't do anything brave if you are wearing the straight jacket of 'what-will-people-think' ”

DR brÉne brown

latest PROJECT



It started with a conversation. Faithmarks originated from Carl's prompting statement to friends, "tell me about your tattoo." Combining that statement with a desire to host an art show to initiate spiritual conversations, the creative collaboration with Anna began. The result, underwritten with grant funding, was a first of its kind. An inter-faith initiative for the Northshore community and the area in which St Marks makes its geographic home. A gallery show exploring the intersect of spirituality and the art of tattoos.


Hot News

Faithmarks makes its "mark" at the Wild Goose Festival

The first of several inter-faith festivals, Faithmarks was a wonderful addition to the arts offering.

A2O:Advance is coming!

Be a part of this conversational movement in the heart of the South east.